Rie's Spicy Lemon Stirfry

Notes: Source - Starwarrior Rie, Mar 31, 2001


    7 Chicken Breasts
    marinade (below)
    1 sliced medium onion
    1 sliced medium pepper
    8 oz pkg. Sliced fresh mushrooms
    Cilantro (to taste)
    1 cp water

Marinade Ingredients:

    Soy sauce
    Lemon juice
    Red wine vinegar
    Oyster sauce
    Ginger, powdered
    Garlic, minced
    Red pepper, crushed
    Lemon grass, dried ground

Preparation Instructions:

Mix marinade ingredients together. Cut chicken breasts into bite sized pieces and marinade it for a few hours.

Saute the vegetables in a wok until tender and set aside. Add some cornstarch to the marinaded chicken mixture and stir fry. Set stir fried chicken aside. Add approximately 1 cup of water to wok and mix in vegetables. Simmer for 15 minutes, then stir in chicken.

Serve over white rice.


If you don't have a wok, you can use a preheated cast iron skillet.