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Legend of Warnings
SV  Sexual Violence    L Lesbian Content          There is no marking for violence by itself. We're talking Xena and sharp objects. Assume violence and you'll be right at least 70% of the time.
GV Graphic Violence AC  Adult Content
JC  Joxer Content ES Explicit Scenes

Queen  by L. N. James [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Feb 98         41 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle must convince others that Xena is her slave in order to win a bet.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
L. N. James' Chakram Time   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Queen, The Regent, The Warrior (The)  by C. N. Winters [?]

                                Short Story       Dec 97         16 pgs       Finished
While waiting months for Xena to return from battle, Gabrielle falls in love with Ephiny.
LynKa's Xena Alt Fiction   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Queen's Orders  by Katelin B. [?]

            ES  L             Very Short Story       Apr 98         3 pgs       Finished
While visiting the Amazons, events keep Xena and Gabrielle apart until Queen Gabrielle commands Xena to attend her.
Ashera's Adult Xena Fan Fiction   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page   Section X  

Queen's Realm (The)  by T. Novan [?]

        AC      L             Very Short Story       Aug 99         7 pgs       Finished
[Raising Melosa #69] Gabrielle cares for Xena.
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Queen's Sacrifice (A)  by B L Miller [?]

    SV  AC  ES  L             Novella       Apr 97         47 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle is raped while protecting Amazon children and it's up to Xena to help the young queen through the aftermath. Kleenex alert on this one!    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
B L Miller's Page   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Queen's Secret Loves (The)  by de Bonheur [?]

        AC      L             Very Short Story       Nov 97         5 pgs       Finished
Attending an Amazon coronation, the two companions encounter a custom which requires the celebrants to entertain secret lovers.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
de Bonheur's Xena: Warrior Princess Alt. FanFic Page   LynKa's Xena Alt Fiction   Obsession's - XenaRotica  

Quest of a Different Color (A)  by Vada Foster [?]

        AC      L             Screen Play       Mar 97         9 pgs       Finished
A different verion of "Quest" ... with the help of a cat, Miss Artifice, and a trained bear? Hilarious.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Question (The)  by Lauken [?]

                L             Very Short Story       Jan 97         8 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle sets out on a quest with Xena to find her heart's desire
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Question Answered (A)  by Carole McCord [?]

        AC      L             Very Short Story       Mar 97         2 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle asks Xena about "The Kiss"
Lisa Jain's Xenerotica   

Question Answered (A)  by Mary E. Terrell [?]

                                Very Short Story       Mar 98         1 pgs       Finished
Xena finally asks the bard why she'd followed Xena that first time.
Amazonia - Scroll Case   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Questions  by sHaYcH [?]

                L             Very Short Story       Jul 97         1 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle writes a poem for Xena. Sequel is "Answers"    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
sHaYcH's Playground  

Quickie (A)  by RaXenaWP [?]

                                Parody       May 98         3 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  Two parodies of the idea of uber-Xena stories.
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Quiet Survivor (The)  by GabbysHope [?]

                                Short Story       Apr 99         20 pgs       Finished
Ever wonder what Hope did after she escaped from the fiery pit? This story tells you. Good
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

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