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Legend of Warnings
SV  Sexual Violence    L Lesbian Content          There is no marking for violence by itself. We're talking Xena and sharp objects. Assume violence and you'll be right at least 70% of the time.
GV Graphic Violence AC  Adult Content
JC  Joxer Content ES Explicit Scenes

Magic of Egypt (The)  by C. N. Winters [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Mar 98         33 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  After the war, Janice takes Mel on a dig in Egypt, where they find scrolls telling of Queen Cleopatra's gratitude towards Xena and the events that precipitates.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
LynKa's Xena Alt Fiction   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Magic of Paris  by C. N. Winters [?]

            ES  L             Novella       Jan 99         54 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  Janice and Mel decide to adopt a child. Xena and Gabrielle experience the joys of parenthood. Very good.
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Magnetic North  by L. N. James [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Feb 97         10 pgs       Finished
The bard's talented tongue wins her a bet...staying high and dry inside a cave during a the only problem is finding something to do to pass away the time. You'll never look at the chakram the same way again.
L. N. James' Chakram Time   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Maiden and the Seven Warlords  by Nene Adams (Bardwynna) [?]

                                Very Short Story       Mar 98         6 pgs       Finished
Xena is captured by seven warlords working together and Gabrielle must use her wits to rescue her friend.
CorrieWeb Library  

Maids of Mytilini (The)  by Sherrie Johnson (True Blue) [?]

                                Screen Play       Oct 96         16 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle accidentally becomes the Kings official food taster when she and Xena plot to rescue slave-girls from a castle
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Make A Wish  by AH-ladis [?]

        AC      L             Novella       Apr 98         78 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  As Jenny Brooks lays dying, she is transported through her dreams to ancient Greece where she joins Xena in her quest to free Gabrielle from death. Good story written with great humor.
Obsession's - XenaRotica  

Make-Up  by Lisa Jain Thompson [?]

                L             Parody       Jan 97         4 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle question's Xena's use of make-up. Kinda funny.
Lisa Jain's Xenerotica   

Making It Through The Night  by GabbysHope [?]

                                Short Story       Jun 99         14 pgs       Finished
Xena begins to destroy Ares's temples after Gabrielle falls in the fiery pit.
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Making of a Modern Goddess (The)  by Robert Buckley [?]

GV      AC                      Short Story       Apr 99         0 pgs       Finished
In which the goddess Callisto explains how Ares regained his godhood and we look at some of the highlights of her extraordinarily long life. Also features advice from Callisto on how to live your life, her philosophy on crime management and a true and accurate account of the destruction of Cirra.
Callisto's Tales   Heart of Darkness  

Making Strides  by Tonya Muir [?]

        AC  ES  L             Novel       Apr 99         165 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  Sequel to "With Faltering Steeps". Lacy Montegomery's happy life with Rachael and her daughter is shattered when someone threatens her family. Very good
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Mantic  by baermer [?]

GV              L             Short Story       Dec 98         48 pgs       Finished
When Gabrielle and Xena are summoned by a Cumae, a sybil, Gabrielle learns a startling fact about herself. Fast paced story.
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Mantles Are Heavy  by LZClotho [?]

        AC      L             Novella       Aug 98         79 pgs       Parts 1-3
During a visit to the Amazons, Gabrielle is told she must choose between Xena and the queen's mask.
Ashera's Adult Xena Fan Fiction  

March The 16th  by Linda Crist [?]

        AC      L             Novel       Dec 99         293 pgs       Finished
Xena and Gabrielle survive the crucifixion and make some big changes in their relationships to one and other and with the Amazons. Good
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Marriage of Xena and Gabrielle (The)  by DJWP [?]

        AC      L             Short Story       Jun 97         18 pgs       Finished
A clueless Ephiny is upset when Xena and Gabrielle decided to go though a "sham" marriage when Gabrielle is challanged. A nice humorous tale.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Matador  by Pamela A. Lord [?]

        AC  ES  L             Very Short Story       Feb 00         8 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  A young journalist in Spain receives a lesson on the meaning of focus from an unusual woman.
Pasha's Obsession  

Matchmaker  by Katrina [?]

        AC  ES  L             Novella       Jun 97         69 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle's mother has hired a matchmaker    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Katrina's Fan Fiction Site  

Maternal Mistakes  by Joanna [?]

                L             Parody       Feb 98         10 pgs       Finished
The chorus from the "Coming Out" stories do relationship counseling for the warrior and bard after the events of "Maternal Instinct"    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Matter of Faith (A)  by Pamela A. Lord [?]

GV              L             Very Short Story       Jan 99         8 pgs       Finished
Xena and Gabrielle are captured by an old enemy of Xena's and subjected to torture and a test of their love.
Pasha's Obsession   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Matters of the Heart  by Patsbard [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Nov 98         32 pgs       Finished
When Gabrielle meets another beautiful dark women, she learns a few things about love, jealousy, and her Warrior Princess. Nice story with a light touch.
Pasha's Obsession  

Meeting of Chance (A)  by Terra Chang (WhiteCat) [?]

                                Short Story       Jan 97         14 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  [Uber-Hercules] An art reporter and her wealthy fiance travel to Athens to meet a promising artist and his sister.
DreamWorker's Magazine  

Meeting of Minds  by Joseph Anderson [?]

    SV  AC  ES                  Short Story       Jul 99         0 pgs       Finished
Callisto and Alex Krycek get together. X-Files/Xena crossover.
Ashera's Adult Xena Fan Fiction   Joe Anderson's Creative Stuff  

Mel And Janice Meet An Amazon Princess  by Croaven [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Feb 00         36 pgs       Finished
[Uber-Xena]  Janice and Mel meet Wonder Woman.
LynKa's Xena Fan Fiction  

Memoir  by Lisa Jain Thompson [?]

                L             Poem       Nov 96         5 pgs       Finished
Xena, in her old age, reflects back on the now famous bard who left her behind in her quest for fame
Lisa Jain's Xenerotica   

Memories  by B. S. Barber [?]

                L             Very Short Story       Aug 98         8 pgs       Finished
Sequel to The Lesson Not Learned. Xena goes to the Amazon Village.
LynKa's Xena Alt Fiction  

Memories  by Crista [?]

            ES                  Short Story       Aug 99         0 pgs       Finished
What if Xena had stayed with Hercules and never met Gabrielle? This story is a flashback to the night they finally gave into passion.
Ashera's Adult Xena Fan Fiction  

Memories In Darkness  by Dancyer McCoy [?]

                                Short Story       Nov 96         14 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle loses her memory when she is kidnapped by a warlord out for revenge against Xena.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Dancyer's Den   Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Mended Hearts  by Alix Stokes [?]

        AC      L             Short Story       Jun 99         0 pgs       Finished
Two girls become best friends at a hospital, will they remember their friendship as adults and possibly become more?
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Mercy  by Tymedancer [?]

        AC      L             Short Story       Sep 97         33 pgs       Finished
Sequel to "Justice". Ares gives Xena the option to stop the event that took Lara's life, but only if she returns to him    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Midnight Dance  by Shadowland [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Aug 98         0 pgs       Finished
Set after the events in BITTER SUITE, a look through Xena's eyes at the first time the lovers reunite physically after the trip through Illusia.
LynKa's Xena Alt Fiction  

Midnight Moods  by Sylvia Murphy [?]

                                Very Short Story       Mar 97         2 pgs       Finished
Xena worries that Gabrielle, being attracted to her darkness, might one day succumb to it.
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Miffed Amphipolis  by MaryE. [?]

            ES  L             Very Short Story       Feb 99         6 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle is upset because Xena let Miss Artyphus kiss her in front of everyone and wants revenge.
LynKa's Xena Alt Fiction  

Miles To Go...  by M. Parnell [?]

        AC                      Short Story       Mar 97         37 pgs       Finished
Xena and Gabrielle must deliver a cursed ring to the temple of Eos.
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Mi'lla  by Pash O'Connor [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Mar 99         0 pgs       Finished
Xena decides Mi'lla is getting a bit too sure of herself and sets out to conquer her.
Pasha's Obsession  

Mind's Eye  by LynKa [?]

            ES  L             Short Story       Mar 97         26 pgs       Finished
Xena's bad dreams of causing Gabrielle's death are starting to spill into the duo's waking life.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
LynKa's Xena Alt Fiction  

Mine ... To Have and Hold  by Brigid Doyle [?]

                                Very Short Story       Mar 98         0 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle is trapped in a mine with some others.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Dancyer's Den   MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Minor Adjustments  by Bat Morda [?]

            ES  L             Very Short Story       Dec 96         6 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle tries to come to grips with the reality that Xena is in Callisto's body.
Obsession's - XenaRotica  

Minstrel's Life for Me (A)  by Jeane Noriega [?]

                     JC         Short Story       Dec 97         37 pgs       Finished
Joxer meets a beautiful minstrel.
Sacred Archives of Ted (The): (   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   )  

Mirth in Heaven  by D. Joan Leib [?]

                                Short Story       Sep 97         27 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle wakes up to find herself transformed into a young man.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
Joan's Xena Writings  

Misdirections  by Themiscrya [?]

        AC      L             Short Story       Jul 97         38 pgs       Finished
Queen Gabrielle is taken by a woman pirate, leaving Xena and the Amazons to get her back
Themiscrya's Fan Fiction/Stories/Erotica/Poetry  

MisFortune Revisited  by Quest [?]

            ES  L             Very Short Story       96         6 pgs       Finished
Part 2 of Fortunate Mis-Fortune. Xena rescues a slave who turns out to be more than what she appears to be
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page  

Mission (The)  by T. Novan [?]

        AC      L             Very Short Story       Jul 99         7 pgs       Finished
[Raising Melosa #61] Xena and Mel must rescue Artemis to save the Amazons and Kessa from a plague.
MaryD's Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page  

Mist (The)  by Chemmy (Chem1) [?]

                                Short Story       Jan 97         20 pgs       Finished
Ate, the god of hate, tries to get Xena to return to her old ways.    [Reviewed by Lunacy]
LynKa's Xena Alt Fiction  

Mistaken Identity  by Aisa [?]

        AC      L             Very Short Story       Feb 97         6 pgs       Finished
Gabrielle gets into a drinking game with another bard which may cost Xena her life
Misschf and Aisa's Xena Tales  

M'Lila's Story  by Mary E. Terrell [?]

                                Very Short Story       Dec 97         5 pgs       Finished
Story of how M'Lila's and Xena's lives intersected.
Amazonia - Scroll Case  

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