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K. M. Brown : Severed  
K. M. McHugh : After The Flames  
K. R. Brendan : Closest to Heaven  
K. S. P. : Uber Uberalles Ubers  
K. T. : Dollies All at Sea (The)   Further Adventures of the Dollies at Sea   Home Are the Sailors, Home From the Sea  
Kaiser : Olympiad [?]   Out of the Past   War-lover (The)  
Kali : Tales from the Inebriated  
Kamouraskan : Acceptance   And It's Only Love   Champion   Eve's Garden   First Date   Foolish Notions   Gabrielle Effect (The)   Gabrielle Effect 3 (The)   I Can't Do This Alone   In Her Eyes   Joining (The)   Judgement   Never Paint a Moustache on a Warrior Princess   Of Two Minds   Patience [?]   Played Real Good For Free   Seeded   Sensitive Chats   Solstice Benefit (A)   Sonnet   Spider   Stashed   Threads   Who's Child?   Winter Chills   Winter's Thaw  
Kandis Glasgow : Convergence   Love In An Elevator   Make Me Quiver   Return to Reality   Rock My World   Stranger Paths  
Kanvil McAster : Different Battle (A) [?]   Kama Xutra (The) [?]   Than to Receive...   Tis Better To Give [?]  
Karen Dunn : Letting Rip   To Guard The Bard  
Karen Malevich : Working Lunch  
Karen Surtees : Degrees of Separation   That Road Once Trodden [?]  
Karen Surtees and PruferBlue : Many Roads To Travel  
Karen Tran : We're Back [?]  
KarenK : Choice We Make (The) [?]  
Kat : And Gabby Makes Three   In The Mind's Eye   Love Is A Many Splintered Thing   Love, Ink   Personal Assistant  
Kate : At Charon's Dock [?]  
Katelin B. : Because You Loved Me   Best Friend [?]   Bubble Bath (The) [?]   Eternal Suffering [?]   Little Surprises   Paybacks: Bubble Bath II [?]   Queen's Orders [?]   Reflections of Love [?]   Scar in the Shape of a Shark (A)   Tender Moments   To Rescue a Friend (Book 1 of 'Death of a Nation')   Waterfall (The)   What Happens Now? (Book 2 of Death of a Nation)   What If?  
Kathleen Wolf : In Sorrow's Shadow   Need For Sorrow (A)   Sisters of Sorrow   Sorrow   Sorrow's Coronation   Sorrow's Sacrifice   Trial By Sorrow  
Katie Dambrowski : Observer (The) [?]  
Katlyn : Judgement Day  
Katrina : Among Friends [?]   Beyond Words   Bit of Flesh (A) [?]   Bit of Meat (A)   Bite Me [?]   Coming Home   Dancing Winter [?]   Different Kind Of Spring Break (A) [?]   Dream A Little Dream   Falling Up [?]   Fan (The) [?]   Fonder Heart (The): A Bite Me Sequel   Fool (The): A Bite Me Sequel   Healer (The)   Homecoming   Intersession [?]   Matchmaker [?]   Stable Influence   Summer [?]   Summer Dreams   Tour (The) [?]   Visions in Fall Colors   Warlord Daze [?]  
Katrina and Joseph Connell : Intersessions 2: Dream A Little Dream  
Katrinna Pint : Best Friends, Bitter Enemies [?]   Crossroads   Judgement Day  
Kawcrow : Difficult Kind (The)   Hotel California   I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)   Xena Gets Shagadelic   Xena Does Tool Time  
Kaytee : To Trap A God  
kd bard : At Loose Ends   Commitment (The)   Family In Blood (A)   Fighting City Hall   Happy Campers-NOT   Most Precious Thing (The)   On A Wing And A Prayer   On Solid Ground   Personal Preferences   Promise Me Paradise   Sweet Angel   Unchained Memories   Visions in Paradise   Warrior, Heal Thyself   Warrior's Forgiveness (A)   What's In A Name [?]   While I Was Gone   You Can Choose Your Friends, But   You Can Choose Your Friends, But...  
Keefer : Black Mastiff (The)  
Kelly Aten : End of Our Beginning (The)   Love Thy Neighbor  
Kelly Noble : Stalker (The)  
Kelly Piper : And You Can Have This Heart To Break [?]   As Long As You Follow [?]   Chosen (The) [?]   I Will Never Be The Same [?]   Port Royale [?]   Second Chance [?]   Slumbering Bard [?]   Somehow We Get There [?]  
Kenneth W. Hannen : Visionary  
Kenny W. Hannen : Here Be Dragons   Treasure Seeker  
Kerabe : Defiler  
Kerri Sokol : Change of Heart (A)  
Kerry Hurley : Candle In The Distance   Finding My Way Home  
Kevin Blanco : Cally And The Pirate [?]   Resurrections Catch  
Kevin McIe : Emotions Running Low   Only One   Rise of the Leviathan (The)  
kiera woman : My Beloved [?]  
Kim (KP) Pritekel with Maria Autobee : Warrior...Bard...Goddess of Love?  
Kim Pritekel (KP) : Cabby (The)   Confessions   Home Again   New Life (A)   Phantom (The)  
Kira"SKAZKA" : Birthday present!  
Kirsten Massey : Of Might And Magic [?]  
Klancy7 : Amazon Dawn   Amazon Falls (An) [?]   Blonde Fury   Clinic (The) [?]   Disclaimer's the Thing (The) [?]   Endgame Revisited [?]   Fever Dream   Fireside   Girls In Cell Block X (The)   High Seas   Ides of March Revisited [?]   In Caesar's Hands [?]   Night At The Inn [?]   Night Rage [?]   Paradise Revisited   Season Five Revisited   Shadow Shaman [?]   Web of the Furies [?]  
Kodi Wolf : Assassin   Bloodlines   Lights of Life   Morpheus' Influence   New Gaia   Vampire Hunter (The)  
Kodiakke : Circle of Life   Color of Darkness (The) [?]   For The Last Battle [?]  
Kronus : Come Play  
Kwipinky : Ares Rift  

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