The following images are scanned in examples of artwork that I've done over the years. Two criteria were used to select them: I had to be able to find them, and they had to fit (mostly) on the scanner. The thumbnails displayed on this page are links which you can follow to view larger versions of the images.

Disclaimer:I am not an artist. Nor do I play one on TV. I've never taken any lessons ... just kind of dabbled with fun stuff. If this doesn't scare you away, you may proceed but I will not be liable for the consequences.

All of the images below are copyrighted by me and may not be used, sold, or reproduced without my permission.

Miscellaneous Scribbles

Pen and ink drawings scanned from the originals.

A snowy scene intended for use as a Christmas/Solstice card. Don't blame me for inaccuracies ... I live in south Texas and haven't even seen snow in the last 15 years.


An interesting looking piece of driftwood.


This was drawn from a 1 inch high thumbnail of an original lithograph by Real Musgrave. I believe it was in an ad for the Texas Renaisance Festival many years ago.



This was the result of a dare to come up with cover art for a (really bad) sci-fi book that a friend had me read. Sorry, but I don't remember now which story it was.


Cover Art

The following images are scanned from the covers of sports car club newsletters who have used some of my pictures. The originals were all pen and ink.

A Plymouth Arrow.  This was the very first publication of the look of this car. I managed to beat out Plymouth's advertisizing announcement by a month.


A Honda Civic - modified for autocrossing.


A Fiat 500. This model was never imported into the U.S. As a reference point, this car made Honda Civics look large and luxurious. They were cute little cars but they could lose arguments with motorcycles and large dogs...I've seen it happen.


A Porshe 911 heavily modified for club racing.


A Honda 600 Coupe. I actually owned one of these and of all of the cars that I've had, this one was my absolute favorite - even though it had the least power by far of the lot. It was just incredibly fun to drive. With a two-cylinder air-cooled 600cc engine, it's top speed was 78 mph but it was sturdy and extremely well-built. Mine was destroyed in an altercation with a bridge ... completely totalled ... but I walked away without even a bruise.


A Toyota Supra, the first year that this model came out.




I'd never done any watercolours before, but my best friend (who is an accomplished artist) started taking a watercolour class and wanted me to come over and paint with her while she practiced the various techniques she learned.


Untitled.  This is the very first watercolour that I've ever done. This one is really rather funny because my friend and I started out with the same picture, however mine ended up looking like a surrealist painter trying to paint a normal landscape while hers looks like a landscape painter attempting to do surreal.


Gargoyle. My second watercolour. Beginner's Luck continues.


Lighthouse. The third and last example of Beginner's Luck.


Shaman Eyes. I've been painting again and finally got around to updating my web page. <g> I think this one has edged Lighthouse out of my "favorite" spot (but only just barely).


Dragon Lovers.  I always think of my two favourite dragons (friends of mine) when I look at this.


Seashore.  Light and water have always fascinated me, at least partially because I can't figure out how to depict that quality of translucent depth on a flat piece of paper. This is by far the best of my attempts to do this. <grin>


Hill Town.  I did this painting to stall... er, practice my techniques before embarking on the much larger castle picture (you'll see next) that I had roughed out in pencil.


Neuschwanstein Castle. I actually visited this castle in Germany in my younger days. (Hopefully I've spelled the name right!)


Dream Teachers.  This painting I created as a special gift for a friend.



I've finally taken an art class! I'm now playing with acrylics and so far I really like them. Pictures to follow...

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